An overacting actor or a performance that is over-the-top. Often characterized by using too much volume when speaking, making theatrical gestures or overemphasizing big emotions. Hammy actors are not necessarily bad actors - what can be regarded as charismatic in one context can easily become hilarious in the wrong one. Brian Blessed, Vincent Price and William Shatner are prime examples of hammy actors. Can also be used as a verb: hamming.
Although doing his best to serve the film's low key atmosphere, Vincent Price can't help relapsing into his hammy mannerisms at times.

Within the bizarre world of Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed can pile on all of his hilariously charismatic overacting, without fear of being perceived as hammy.

Star Trek is in many respects a ground-breaking series in the genre of sci-fi, but decidedly marred by William Shatner's hamming.
by JO_Wass December 13, 2013
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Gang slang for any sort of gun mostly glocks and pistols.
“ I just hit my plug like I need Hammy “ - Bris

“ nigga
Yes, I rock, hammy Glock, I'm gon' pop, nigga” - Tay-K
by cl0wnonspotify October 18, 2020
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Noun or Adjective- Originated in railroad industry, used to classify a large group of males in the greater Pennsylvania area Character traits, originating from Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, include and are not limited to: Blind loyalty and defense of whoever is signing their paycheck, no matter how bad of a deal or how draconian their working conditions are; Their way of doing any task they are skilled at is the only way in the entire world to do it, usually because they were taught by another Hammy that they deify; Extreme passive aggressiveness that makes up a bulk of their daily conversation with others and rubs everyone, including other Hammies the wrong way.
Amos thinks he doesn't deserve overtime because Mr. Mueller lets him oil the steam engine, what a hammy.
by Ricky Gates July 31, 2023
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A hammy is when you stuff ham in a paper towel tube and fuck it.
I’m going to make a Hammy tonight so it will be a while before I see you guys.
by 77virgins May 15, 2018
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A word used to describe someone that you cant forget. Someone who is always on your mind and someone you love very much.
Me and my Hammy went out for a walk.
by sannykhalils September 11, 2011
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Mainly used in Birmingham by somalis and somalis in UK in general - Means ‘mad’ ‘reckless’

Spelt (xammy) aswell
Man 1 - yooo ahk wagwan for adz he done a madting in broad day

Man 2 - hes movin hammyyyyyy
by UkNyc December 4, 2022
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