like kinda wild, usually in a neutral context but its still leaving you shook. pretty crazy too. not really a thought just kind of an overall body mind spirit experience where youre whole heartedly SHOOK
damn man they started playing welcome to the black parade in billabong and lemme tell ya, that shit was brazing
by typs June 23, 2018
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To commonly bullshit or make up ridiculous lies. Roots from the concept of (eyebrow-raising).
"Ayo Piru Loc! You said u copped a 240 benz but i found out u whippin a volkswagon. Why u always brazing a nigga!?? Shiiiit! If i find out again, u best gone get the true pencil hop."
by i-ca$h,RK July 03, 2006
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When you accidentally graze your hand against a bro's hand while walking.
-Christian accidentally grazed Alfred's hand. Alfred proceeded to move his hand away and look at Christian awkwardly. Christian said, "relax bro it was just a braze".
- Nancy accidentally brazed Melvin. Melvin misread her Braze as an invitation to hold hands. It was awkward.
by DooblyDebet May 13, 2015
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Billy: Yo, check who's coming this way. It's Han, the Koran pothead. I think he's trying to blaze.
Han: Ahn-young, want to braze?
by Chi-kun August 11, 2007
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The japanese way to say blaze.
Can be used by person of any ethnic descent, given that they smoke bud.
"We rike to braze" said the japanese pothead.
by ubernest May 20, 2008
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make al feel smart, making his stuff stick to aluminum, even if it wont.
it might hold the bling bling on ifen we braze it
Al said I gonna braze that sucker
by goomfletch March 03, 2005
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