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A drunken and debaucherous night out with the boys drinking heavily, the happenings of which are seldom recollected and usually denied to the authorities. Might result in ending up with a cuntasaurus rex.
husband: I shant be home until late milady. Us and the boys are heading out for a prolonged brannigan, expect me home tuesday with a splitting headache and two wenches by my side
wife: but I thought we were married...
this guy: can I join
husband: NOOOOOO!!!
wife: tiger claw?
by The Snackmaster October 15, 2006
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A modern day lady affliction whereby post bikini wax, one finds more hairs growing in than are growing out. Can be used as both a verb and a noun (to brannigan is to permform a wax with such recklessness that it causes branniganation of the victim). Brannigans can be identified by the delicate way in which they walk and a gentle odour of tea tree oil which wafts in their presence.

Origin: There was a young lady named Michelle Brannigan
She had whiskers on her fannigan
They fell out and then grew in again
Poor old Michelle Brannigan
Begin again.
Leila was in considerable discomfort. She had wanted to be smooth and hair-free on the beach that summer but instead, due to her beauty therapist's incompetence, she would be nothing but a Brannigan.
by Charlez Parlez Vous July 18, 2003
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