A phrase used to win an argument. After said phrase is spoken, proceed to punch the opposing person in the stomach. The phrase was first coined in internet personality Linkara's review of the god-awful DC Elseworlds story "Superman: At Earth's End," when Superman (looking an awful lot like Santa Claus) shouts the phrase at chicken-headed android Ben Boxer, and then proceeds to punch Boxer's guts out.
(walks up to random person on the street) "I AM A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!" (punches said person in the stomach, possibly rupturing his/her intestines)

And yes, even if you are a woman, it only works if you shout, "I AM A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by OldeSchool November 23, 2010
what tony says before he sacrifices himself :,,,,(.
"i am inevitable."

"and i...i am iron man."
by @8HARGREEVES on twitter April 29, 2019
Tony Stark's last words before he snapped his fingers in Avengers Endgame that made your mom cry, your dad cry, your sister cry, your cousin cry, and the whole world cry.
"I am inevitable." Thanos snaps and looks at his gauntlet like oh shit. He proceeds to looks at Tony who's like 'FUCK YOU' and Tony says, "I am iron man" Then sis snapped harder than Miley Cyrus in 2013.
by Someone you probably dont know October 13, 2019
Basically a guy who doesn't have a death wish or doesn't want to die unexpectedly
Toreno : There are guys watching me. All the time. I don't have a death wish I am a man of peace son.
CJ : Alright then, I'll do it.
by Pvt. Gaming April 18, 2019
Used to indicate that the speaker is a man and currently wearing a hat.
"I am a man who is wearing a hat"
by Daniel Kogel May 8, 2007
“Am I iron man”-Dom “Yes you are”-Gracie
by DomAtk1226378263 February 28, 2020
A phrase that you put as your friend's status when they forget to log out of their Facebook.
I forgot to log out of my facebook yesterday, and when i logged in this morning, my status was "I am a giant man baby gay boy."
by orofino high school January 27, 2011