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What Super Mario does in Super Mario Odyssey (as seen as the mario fish in the gif)

Check it here and in the gif

Hitler first mentioned this word which may be what he did to Hinderberg in order to get in control of Germany.
Ed: Wow man, Mario can brainjack stuff in this vid look dude in the gif

Fred: Cool, did you know Hitler also did that?
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by TheTroll73_[Ezman] June 17, 2017
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To deliberately use someone else's brain to solve a problem or answer a question, rather than your own, even though, with time and effort, you could solve the problem yourself.
I could've worked out the answer to Fermat's Last Theorem, but I brainjacked Brian instead.

Rather than look at the map on the wall to find her way, she brainjacked me.
by Novosapien October 19, 2009
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