A phrase used to describe classic male behavior in adolescent males. Examples include, rough-housing, fighting, yelling, or general hyperactivity.
"Dave, your son just tackled my son into the mud."
"Boys will be boys"
by JustaKid69 September 17, 2022
There's a boys hug girls day on 17th of october so why not there be a boys hug boys day where the boys hug the boys. On october 19 give your boy friend or soghnificant other a hig and tell them how much they mean to you
"Bro it's october 19th"
"Bro you mean so much to me, it's boys hug boys day"
"Thanks bro"
by Insom.niac October 18, 2020
Typically meaning of a man, child, or man-child qho despite all warnings has decided to try and marry that stupid baker on 24th street, even when you told him she had a husband and is now depressed
Person 1: Dammit Boi boi
Person 2: it's ok Boi boi we'll take care of the medical bill's
by Boi who is boi November 24, 2021
Meaning your bf in weird terms.
"Is that your boi boi over there?"
Dddc series gacha
by Shy suzu February 23, 2023
A good boy, a bad boy, a good bad boy, a half good half bad half boy is a boy that would never settle for you. Your best bet is to lower your expectations a few. Although you may think the love of your life only exists in your mind. Guess what... YOU'RE RIGHT!!
Madison: I just want a guy thats sweet. A guy thats tough. A feminist who likes to pay for stuff
Brooklyn: The kind of guy that'll get along with my friends w/o being attracted to any of them
Madison: A good boy!
Brooklyn: A bad boy!
Brooklyn and Madison: A HALF GOOD HALF BAD HALF BOY!!

Bo: You ladies needa settle down. A good boy; a bad boy; a good bad boy; a half good, half bad, half boy would never settle for YOU
by corey<333 May 13, 2022
The best Big boi, Gud boi, Tall boi, Patriotic boi, Pakistan boi, Smurt boi , Everything Positive boi, Giga boi, Giga nigga boi ASWELL.
by Big boi gud boi Taha November 16, 2022