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more commonly known as golf. go up to a friend and ask them if they slap the dimpled balls for a good laugh. hope they don't grab yours.
person 1: "hey, do you slap the dimpled balls?"

person 2: "what the fuck? why would you say that to me?"

person 1: "i'm talking about golf, man."

person 2: "oh."
by doesNOTtakeituptheass June 7, 2023
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a major W. commonly seen with Andys and Abbys. a Samuel is a man that everyone looks up to, although he may dress like a total fag. he probably got knocked upside the head as a kid, but it's okay, because he's universally loved nonetheless. nobody will say it outright, but he's a chill guy. if you see a Samuel, go up and say hello. don't be shy! he (probably) won't call you a slur.
person 1: "there goes Samuel."

person 2: "who?"

person 1: "you know, that guy in the yearbook with the cool hair? looks kinda gay?"

person 2: "oh, yeah."
by doesNOTtakeituptheass June 7, 2023
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something moms say to either laugh at their little toddler son playing in the grass or to save their son from truthful rape accusations.
mom: "little johnny would never do something like that to a woman!"

police officer: "'little johnny' has admitted to the crime already."

mom: "oh, boys will be boys!"

police officer: "your son is going to be taken into custody, ma'am."
by doesNOTtakeituptheass June 7, 2023
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either a moan or a misspelling of haha.
person 1: oh, baby! haah..


person 1: so i told her to slap the dimpled balls!

person 2: thatsso funny haah
by doesNOTtakeituptheass June 10, 2023
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