1 Common phrases used to essentially forgive and forget something that a boy has done, by saying since he is a boy it was just inevitable that he did it.

2 An amazing band :D
1 (mother): Johnny was hiding porn and cigarettes under his bed!
(father): Well boys will be boys. Hey Johnny, how about me and you go get some beer and go to a strip club!

2 A: Hey baby let's shout shout crazy, we're young and in love and you're my best best buddy!
B: That's a catchy song, who sings it?
A: Boys Will Be Boys, they're my obsession :D
by omggrapepoissons March 18, 2009
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Reference to gay male intercourse. Either mutual oral gratification until completion, mutual jerking off or doing each other in the pooper until you can't stand it any longer and finally blow your load, preferably on each other's faces.
I was so drunk last night that I fucked Eric, oh well, boys will do boys I guess.
by Andy August 4, 2004
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A word to use when trying to define someone you are interested in. He is not your boyfriend and he is not a friend...he is someone you are interested in.
Are you talking about the Boy of Interest (BOI)?
by GuzK February 3, 2011
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Real talk. Serious talk. Usually between adolescent teenage boys. On occasion, "Boy to Boy" talk can be among grown men when trying to get each other's serious attention.
Example: You break your ankle jumping over a girl who you were trying to T bag. You scream to your buddy who is laughing and thinks you are kidding, "DUDE! Boy to Boy! I need to go to the ER!".
by prettyboy1000 September 6, 2016
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when 2 boys are- makeing out, kissing, fucking, humping, ect. it's the same as "girl on girl" only with guys. I <33 emo boys!!!!
brokeback mountain (love that movie)<333333333333333
the sex sence is "boy on boy" & isn't it the hotest thing u have ever seen????
by K+A+T August 25, 2006
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The Bitch Boy, prominate worldwide. Also commonly known as Bicycle Boy in P.C. FL.
~Noun~ The Bitch Boy is a grown man who has all but mastered the role of a Mr. Nice Guy. The Bitch Boy claims fictional overachievements or blatent abuse but in all honesty. He borrowed that car, mooches off his momma, stole the already stolen bicycle he jets around on, and never has held a job long enough to file a tax return. The Bitch Boy will try to bleed you dry and will throw toddler tantrums and try to physically intimidate you when boy aint getting his way. If you dont feed the flame of b.b's dramatics he'll eventually vanish into his next role but if you call 1800mylilbrother the boy will run home to momma a bit faster.
Bitch Boy i.e. Bicycle Boy

*Damn, ive never seen him around here before!

~😂🙄😶.. um you don't want that...he's a bitch boy, his momma came in yesterday trying to hunt him down after he stole his grandmammas wallet. He's always outside begging but dont ever see that bitch ass bicycle boy peddling to work. Your cars locked, right?
by HeyMisti April 15, 2022
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When you know that you are about to fuck up really hard but you still got inner hope so you just shout: Boy oh Boy
when you doing a math exam and all you know is your name only you shout: Boy oh Boy
by Meme Busted January 12, 2019
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