when 2 boys are- makeing out, kissing, fucking, humping, ect. it's the same as "girl on girl" only with guys. I <33 emo boys!!!!
brokeback mountain (love that movie)<333333333333333
the sex sence is "boy on boy" & isn't it the hotest thing u have ever seen????
by K+A+T August 25, 2006
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Real talk. Serious talk. Usually between adolescent teenage boys. On occasion, "Boy to Boy" talk can be among grown men when trying to get each other's serious attention.
Example: You break your ankle jumping over a girl who you were trying to T bag. You scream to your buddy who is laughing and thinks you are kidding, "DUDE! Boy to Boy! I need to go to the ER!".
by prettyboy1000 September 6, 2016
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When you know that you are about to fuck up really hard but you still got inner hope so you just shout: Boy oh Boy
when you doing a math exam and all you know is your name only you shout: Boy oh Boy
by Meme Busted January 12, 2019
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When something you plainly see is not about to go your way.............See (right right, for real dog, i hear ya, knuckle shuffle, i agree, homo-rage)
Dammit!!!! Boy oh boy, now I got to work by and listen to Barney and Jaime, Fuck!!!!
by Rule 1 May 10, 2005
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A statement affirming mutual support and love among all people of different races, genders, sexual orientations, and religions.
Stop being rude to people, boys support boys.
by mrchu39 September 22, 2020
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A black male that dresses like a white boy. Wearing Aeropostale, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren Polo and Hollister. Mainly wearing tight shirts and skinny jeans like the white boys.
I dress so sporty man black boy white boy shaw like a shortys on me man & I'm super stiff I point at shorties when I dance why you walk like that because a horse is on my pants polo & American eagle. - Travis Porter (Black Boy White Boy)
by babigirl0391 December 1, 2009
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Bad boy soy boys (BBSB) are soy boys who are bad boys, the only difference between them and a normal person is that a BBSB will eat better food and date hotter chicks
Gaston is the baddest bad boy soy boy on the block.
by DATMOFO February 28, 2018
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