a bunch of sissy boys in a band that play pop music. ie: linkin park. contrary to popular belief the backstreet boys and nysnc are not boy bands. they only sing, therefore they are groups. you must have a few ppl playing instruments in your group to be considered a band.
"wow, look at those pussies singing on mtv. not another boy band, please!"
"theyre not a band you fucking moron."
by amanda September 7, 2003
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The trademark pose that nearly all boy bands feel they need to do. At first this move seems innocent yet there is advanced physics involved.

The basic idea is that at least 2 members of a boy band will lean arm around each other.

Legend says that the art of the lean multiplies the boy band effect, and creates a boy band gravitational field.

When all members members lean against each other it is known as a "perfect lean" and the power created is equivalent to the number of members multiplied by 1.5.

During a perfect lean it is said that the band is no longer reliant on regular gravity and that they create their own force of nature that defies thermodynamics. Their microphones, scarves and jewellery will actually be attracted to the centre of the lean.
"Just watch take that perform the boy band lean"

"my god, it's a perfect lean"
by eznow May 16, 2010
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The theory that in any given boy band, two of the members are gay for each other. Begun by crazed fangirls . You can see examples of this by going to Youtube and typing in a live performance by a band, and checking the comments. This is followed by name combination.
Boy Band Theory:
Ex1: MCR: Frank Iero+ Gerard way= Freard
Ex2: P!ATD Ryan ross+ Brendon Urie = Rydon
by Mr.ToeDuck January 16, 2011
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The boy band effect is the phenomenon when a group of 3 or more boys of mediocre looks are hanging out together in a bar, mall, sporting event etc. When alone the boys would not merit a second glance from a nearby female but when together their averageness combines to form a cute cluster of males like that of a boy band. Works best when one guy is actually good looking. The boy band effect pulls up the ranking of looks the same way a British accent, suit, instrument or baby/puppy would. See cheerleader effect for female equivalent.
Jessica - "Lets go talk to those guys they're cute!"
Tory - "No, look closer"
Jessica - "You're right only one is cute - total boy band effect - bummer"
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Boy Band Parking is the 3rd best parking spot in the lot. Oftentimes, the absolute best parking spot is referred to as "Rock Star" or "Porn Star" parking. Regardless, Boy Band Parking is not as good as Rock Star Parking because the people in Boy Bands are not artist, musicians, or entertainers. Even though ALL Boy Bands suck, they do have their loyal followers for days, weeks, months or years, so they do get to have a parking spot named after them.
Marty: "Dude... You came in late this morning, huh?"
Andy: "Yeah, but I was early enough to still get boy band parking!"
by Simon Jethro June 26, 2006
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the status of being desirable enough to women (you being male)that you get groupie style attention and sex from lots of attractive girls/women.
"If we throw an awesome party tonight we'll get all kinds of boy band ass."
by nicco79 July 20, 2006
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Used to describe a very attractive women with big tits who is walking towards you. When she passes by and you check out her ass, only to find there is no ass which resembles most of the asses in a boy band.
Dale picked up a bitch at the food court with boy bad ass, took her home and tried to pound her doggy style and threw up all over her back as he looked down and saw her skinny, flat, boy band ass
by NWFHA August 7, 2009
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