An outmoded commodity, popular among the steaming shitpiles of the clueless, brainless,post-orwellian masses in the late 1990s amd early 2000s, that was prefabricated by AR types to fit a narrow set of criteria (ability to look attractive, ability to dance....I think that's it).
The boy band danced on the corspes of the remaining boy bands.
by Sheailee March 6, 2007
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a group of lads- generally about 5, that think they can either sing about love (notice non of them are ever married as such) or can scream down the mic knowing little scrubby shites can wander around in scrubby hoodies preaching how fantastic murderdolls (etc) are HELL YEAH BABY- BONE EM.
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
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A strategy of collecting an attractive but diverse group of males in order to cultivate maximum potential attention from the opposite sex in social situations. Each member of the group has equivalent good looks but a different perceived personality type, like members of a boy band. Also known as N'Syncing.
"Greg just called and said we are boy banding tonight. I was gonna wear my fedora but now I have to be the 'sweet one'"
by The Louisiana Squisher August 9, 2012
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A music group of young men that produce popular music that usually appeals to a teenage female audience. Boybands may or may not play instruments, usually the difference between a band and a boyband is with the behavior of its fans. Fans of boybands are more attracted to the members(visually and romantically), and fans of bands only typically care about the music.

Characteristics of a boyband:
-Signed to a major record label
-All music is not written by band members
-Fans are focused on individual members, rather than the music
-Boybands usually promote a product (ex. holding a contest through retail company like Target or Walmart, or being in commercials that advertise something unrelated to their music)
Girl 1: "That new boyband, 5 seconds of summer, is all over the radio."

Girl 2: "Omg! No! They're a pop punk band!! I'm literally dying right now, how could you be so stupid?!?! Go to hell!! You're a bitch!!"

Girl 1: "They're actually a Boy Band, they don't write most of their pop song's music. They're signed to Capitol records, one of the biggest record labels in the world. They appeal to teenage "fangirls", and their concerts consist of obsessive girls screaming the members names."

Girl 2: "Shut up, freak! You're just stupid and jealous!!!!"

Girl 1: "I'm supposed to be jealous of a boyband that has annoying fans and who is hated by real pop punk bands?"
by bishpls October 16, 2014
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The area between the asshole and ballsack on a man or the asshole and the vagina on a woman.
Mark's boy band was sore after his eighteen-mile bike ride.
by The Bibbster February 16, 2009
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A group of 4-5 boys who (most of the time) don’t play instruments other than a guitar. They usually only sing and dance.
Have you heard of the boy bands In Real Life, Why Don’t We, and PRETTYMUCH?
by ItzzYourrGurll July 16, 2018
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a band of gay ass male "musicians" that use live autotune or lip sync their songs and don't play insturments.
you are better off listening to slipknot or some real band
by bofaLmao June 11, 2019
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