the band waterparks. they are god’s favourite.
awsten: “god’s favorite f*cking boy band, pray to be important”

person1: omg have you heard of the band waterparks?????
person 2: yeah they’re gods favorite boy band
by raeissleepy December 30, 2021
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A band of boys who are all dating simultaneously and create songs that are usually positive.
P.S. This is nothing bad or should be used for anything bad and is not supposed to be controversial in any way!!
Boy: Hey heard of the band that created *song*
Boy 2: yeah I think all of them are dating each other too
Boy: hey that means there a Gay Boy Band!
by HotKidMan August 17, 2021
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1) Fantasy of millions of inmates. 2) Astronomical amount of increast sexual prowace.
My new car is going to bring me some band boy ass!
by Thibodeaux June 12, 2003
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A popular drink in St Lucia that has been traditionally used for many years to restore sexual vitality, increase sperm count, and give men the hard of their life.
Garson where the Bois Bande? I have a date tonight.
by Disqus2.0 May 8, 2022
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Band boy very similar to a "emo boy" often including the dark layered hair going to the left or right, tight black skinny jeans but with a band shirt or sweater and their wrists containing lots of band bracelets
Guy 1: "wow bro you look like such a emo boy"
Guy2:"damn it I wanted to look more like a band boy time to go back to hottopic and buy some more band bracelets"
by The wanna be emo fuckboy January 3, 2016
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All barbie boy bands are terrible at singing. They are most likely a grade six group of friends and there is five of six of them. One of them is the leader that is very load and gets in trouble a lot. The most popular song they sing is the barbie theme song. Most of the time their teachers name will start with a L and their last name will start with a R. There is only one Barbie Boy Band in the world. It is Dylan, Cohen, Ryden, Isaiah, and Henry. THAT'S IT don't try to start your own.
I know a Barbie Boy Band in my class.
by :)Person<3 February 17, 2022
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