So yeah it’s this really cool last name and yeah bowyer
Bruh this is the best thing In the world! Bowyer
by Bowyer January 3, 2019
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a very very sexy girl with gorjuss beautiful blue eyes and a pretty smile and wouldn't ask for anyone better. but she can be a thrush.
shide boob charlotte bowyer
by jack56555 December 26, 2011
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A lil slag from the north east who only likes lad especially someone called jack elsdon, big shagger who will do out for cash,canny be canny but moody asf when she don’t get cock aha
by Woodham warrior December 18, 2018
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Louise bowyer is a kind, caring and loving mother. Louise is a very thoughtful woman and she truly deserves the world!
Louise bowyer isn’t she the amazing mother!
by Binkieee March 31, 2022
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A special type of nonce.
A Bowyer nonce is a nonce that’ll go for lonely little kids called Jared that only walks to specified locations,
When a Bowyer nonce finds a Jared he simply does a very cliche move (Scream at them whilst wiggling their cock in their hand) to get their attention and then gives them a two footed challenge to the acl and start slapping their face with their cock whilst making tribal screeching and then anally penetrate the victim until it realeases itself all over the kid whilst making Roblox death noises.
Jared: I was walking in the park today and I was confronted by a Bowyer nonce, I was petrified, tbf he looks like you.

Mr Hilton: *Gets nervous*

Jared: ... WAIT A MINU....

Mr Hilton: *Bowyer nonce tribal screech*
by ExSkii February 27, 2018
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