Term used to degrade a woman who has given up all three holes to a man (oral, coitus, and anal sex). Generally speaking, a man can feel confident that he has dominated a woman after achieving this triple crown status, whereas only obtaining one or two of these sexual acts are no guarantee a woman will even remember him. This is primarily because most women are reluctant to give up the third whole (back door for many women OR the pussy for sluts who are trying to remain virgins). This is synonymous to a "grand slam" (as all the bases were run).
1) I used that dirty whore like a bowling ball.

2) Trust me, she's no prude. I bowling balled that bitch after two dates.

3) She never gave me head - so I can't call her a bowling ball.
by Hollywoodknight November 19, 2011
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Placing two fingers in a girls pussy, and one in her ass, you then launch her down an alley like a bowling ball!
My friend Aj once used the bowling ball technique on an ex girlfriend because she laughed at the size of his cock!!
He's now doing 15years inside, I wonder where his cellmates are gonna stick their bowling fingers =P
(Dont bend over in the showers!!)
by Plaything69 January 07, 2008
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A fat chick that is so perfectly round her body looks like a bowling ball, being they both have 3 holes to plug up and are heavy to carry around.
Get a wingman so you don’t get hit with a bowling ball the next moring.
by KingKoopa172 April 04, 2006
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When a woman gets penetrated in all three holes like a bowling ball.
Me and the bois just bowling balled a lass yesterday

I was part of a bowling ball other day, was better than I expected
by Jambert125 November 16, 2020
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Sexual technique where multiple fingers are inserted into the vagina and anus of a girl, but from an angle such as would be used to hold a bowling ball. A slight variation on the shocker.
"I bowling-balled her for a few minutes after I pulled out."

"Oh baby, you know I always get off when you bowling-ball me."

"I bowling-balled her before we even kissed."

"I tried to bowling-ball my girlfriend, but she neglected to tell me she still had a tampon in."

Ted: "Mark, I totally bowling-balled your wife last night."
Mark: "Fuck you, bitch!"
by khol July 19, 2008
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A marble paint job. Referenced in 'Oh' by Ciara.
Ready take a new whip, paint strip, into a bowling ball
by jessica June 18, 2005
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