a reference form the insane clown posse's movie, Bowling balls. a head severed from the neck and heald like a bowling ball (two fingers in the eye holes, thumb in the mouth)
Gimme the Ball...Man u ain't gettin the ball, get these balls faggot...a quote from Bowling balls
by Juggabuddy April 19, 2007
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having several fingers inside your partner.
Ian was feeling kinky so he used his girl as a bowling ball.
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When you're engaging in foreplay with a lady, and you insert two fingers in her vagina, and one finger and her poop shoot causing her to curl into the fetal position, after which you proceed to throw her like a bowling ball
Todd: What happened to your wall over there?
Rob: Oh that's from last night when I bowling balled Lindsay, we hit a perfect strike.
by CharlotteTheHarlot September 04, 2014
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