a large set of women’s breasts that perform a lively mating dance with the eyes of every man whos body is coursing with testosterone (A man need not be in eye-shot of such a spectacle to be effected as his...ur, umm…”divining rod” points the way like a compass to magnetic north.)
Dude: Scope those curvacious maidens. I’ll pounce the coal top with the bouncing betties. What’s your ruling on the blonde?
Wingman: The dewclaws are up.
by goose_on_a_roof October 16, 2020
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A type of landmine characterized by its detonation only when pressure that has been placed on it has been released. After release, the mine springs into the air spewing shrapnel in all directions.
The private stepped on the bouncing betty and took out the whole platoon.
by The Professor November 8, 2003
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When your ballsack is so large and droopy you can almost use it as like a bouncy ball when your bored during quarantine
Friend1: what’d you do over quarantine

Friend2: I was playing with my bouncing betty
by Hahadonkeyballs April 15, 2020
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A type of landmine that waits for about five seconds after being set off, then flies up in the air and explodes at crotch or head level. Source of the myth that you can just stay on a landmine and be safe, although in real life trying that would just make your leg explode.
If you trip a bouncing betty, the best plan is probably to duck.
by GuesssWho9 September 15, 2016
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antipersonnel mine that springs from the ground, spinning and exploding, after being tripped.
The bouncing betty shredded the soldier who was on point.
by Steve Craton November 7, 2003
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When a girl gives a guy a handjob so long and hard that the skin on the penis becomes raw and bleeds. AKA Bouncing B.
Dude I can barely walk today because my girlfriend gave me a bouncing betty last night!
by Whsbnd December 14, 2009
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ground emplaced mine that shoots into the air before it blows up at head-level for maximum fatality.
that bouncing betty got bobby's head
by random fucker November 8, 2003
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