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An IT geek whose job is to secretly install, activate or monitor surveillance spy-ware in the personal computers of the people of the world. Bot-boys are made, not born, but I think it starts when they get on the wrong side of the law ... the smart ones are being given jobs and police protection to entrap individuals who are too interested in life ... Their job is important and if they are stopped - as we all know full well -the terrorists will win.
When I worked it out that Grant was not building me a website like he promised but installing spy-ware in my computer, I realised he was working for someone else but I wasn't sure who. He made me nervous, so I called him a bot-boy and told him to leave. Afterwards I told people to remember that if they visit the new adult dating websites, it's not necessarily someone, but something on the other end. No one believed me but I knew it was true. That was in 2004. Before FB.
by marlon_brankovic May 05, 2011
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A bot boy is someone who plays a multiplayer videogame that bad his ability can actually be compared to that of the A.I
I was playing gilli on gears of war 2 and he was such a fucking bot boy.
by TM1990 November 23, 2009
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