Borny (bohr-nee). adj.

1. a neologism combining the words "bored" (or "boredom") and "horny."

2. feeling both listless, tedious and dull while simultaneously feeling lustful, lecherous and sexually invigorated

3.having nothing to do and no one to talk to (etc.) yet being in the mood, revved up (etc.).

4. Anticipating sexual relations only to be let down by your partner that stood you up.
I'm feeling pretty borny: I did nothing but look at porn all day. I wish I had more female friends.

Man, Stephanie said I could poke her tonight, but she isn't returning my calls. Nows she's left me disgruntled and borny.

by Dick Rex, P.I. January 16, 2008
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The state of being bored and horny, usually occurs when somebody is alone
"Man, last night sucked, Tara was supposed to come over last night but she left me hangin', i was just sitting there borny as hell."
by The Midget January 16, 2005
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"borny" - adj. Simultaneously bored and horny, in a manner that tends to cloud judgment.
I was completely borny, so I bought a triple-size dildo to see what I could do with it...
by Jack Random February 28, 2006
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To be bored and horny at the same time.
I was borny last night,so I looked at porn.
by Jakob Thompson July 25, 2008
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in a state of boredom yet horny and aroused.
Yesterday when I got home from work I was super faded but feelin borny, so I just jacked off staring out the window at trees n stuff
by FatStab August 22, 2015
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When your bored and horny. Happens frequently before mastrobation and is the leading cause of it. Because you are bored, you have plenty of time to solve your problem of being horny. Unless you are bored because you are in class or public (excluding nudist colonies).
Person 1: So, how are you?
Person 2: I'm borny
by atomfilezila April 24, 2016
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When someone is acting lame and it just makes you so sick that instead of calling them corny you call them borny, believed to be originated in New York somewhere.
Telephone call:
Sharolaid: Hello!?
Katie: Umm hi?
Sharolaid: Umm bitch you borny BYE!


Josh: Why did Moeisha skip class today, she is so borny...
by alongislandguy February 2, 2009
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