-What's up my Niger
-Bruh you can't say that
-It's a country in Africa, chill.
by D Duck Squad May 8, 2020
Niger is the most under developed country in the world with the lowest HDI of 0.354 (human development index)

It is often word that people mispronounce as the n-word like how racist faggots do so when asked to read a passage with the word Niger in it
Science report: COVID-19 can spread through food
Oof Oof: Oh s*** (*panicking noises*)
Oof Oof: Realises he lives in Niger *calm*
*69 days pass*
Oof Oof: Starves to death instead of COVID-19 *Oof*
by - Bully Maguire Pizza Time December 14, 2021
X: you're a fucking niger
Y: Bruh Niger is literally a country, either call me the actual n word or just don't use it, pussy.
by I eat poop 69 February 23, 2022
A country that idiots mix with a racial slur
Guy: Hey! You from Niger?
Othet Guy: What the fuck did you call me!?
by Expert 506 September 27, 2020
Bruh..😑 it’s a place in the world. You racist ass bitch
He I’m over in Niger
by Sssniperwolf13 April 26, 2021
We say it but if u say it u better run
Black person: sup nigga
White person : sup niger (then gets beat up)
by LaMarcus Jones April 22, 2019
Bruh... stop being racist it’s a country in the world🙄😎
He I’m over here in the country Niger
by Sssniperwolf13 April 26, 2021