The most annoying, arrogant, weird type of person you can imagine. Tends to reside in Cantley, and have blonde curly fusey's.
Have you seen Borg?
Shut up Borg
by nickdavis12345 January 19, 2015
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A Borg is an special and exotic species that often spends 24 hours behind the screen playing Fortnite, with their fellow companions which are another exotic creature named the tunuk tunuk tuk indians.
by Methun January 08, 2019
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A drink originating from Nashville, Tennessee, borg is a mix of vodka, water and mio. The process to make borg is take one gallon of water and pour half out, fill a whole handle of vodka and lastly one full bottle of mio. This results in a drink that can double as looking like Gatorade as well as get you as fucked up as vodka. Since it’s creation in 2019, borg has begun a mass expansion. It is spreading like the Black Plague.
Guy A: hey are you drinking beer tonight?
Guy B: nah I’m borging tonight.
Guy A: oh no you’re gonna be in a coma
via giphy
by deathbyborg March 23, 2019
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to radically improve on the look and performance of a subaru
"oh my god, check out the triple tips! that wrx has been borgsed"
by Trevor Graham January 18, 2007
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Big organisation: could refer to gang culture or a business in general.
'The company i work for are a B.ORG.'
by Sammie Wills February 19, 2012
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A mixed drink. You take a gallon water jug and fill it 1:1 ratio of water and plandle. Dump entire bottle of Mio into gallon. Drink.
"Im going to Borg it up today."
"Bro pass me my borg."
by groolsociety October 24, 2019
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A drink made using a gallon jug of water, filled with 3/4 water, 1/4 liquor, and topped off with an artificial sweetener. Frequently used for pregaming.
I need to finish my borg soon, the party starts in half an hour
by CollegeDictionary November 26, 2018
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