The name given to an extreemly charismatic, funny, and sexy Maltese person. This word also refers to good Swedish love making skills.
Wow that Stacey borged that Abela girl real good. She had a good technique making her very borg like. I wish i was as borg as her!
by Christopher Turk April 20, 2008
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A ball (borg) of anything disgusting mounted together
''Ewww, I have a fluff borg on my sock''
by Harliee October 11, 2011
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Home Depot stores, sometimes used as a name for other big box hardware/home supply stores.
I went to The Borg to buy a nail gun
by Rico September 12, 2003
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Some one who does something or buys something that has a negitive affect, not knowing the harm it causes (Borgs tend to drive big SUVs, not knowing the pollution they cause).

A borg is controled by the media or a popular celebrity/person. Borgs also try to get OTHER people controlled by the same source (This is called assimulation) Most of the preps and/or bullys are borgs.

A borg is ONLY comfortible around other borgs. Most borgs tease "geeks" and "nerds" for this reason.

Cheerleaders, preps, and bad parants are usually, but not always, borgs.
Crow: "I saw some person driving a big SUV, you should of seen the pollution it caused, the whole area that car had covered was nearly black!"

Zeesky: "Dammit, I hate those darn borgs!"
by Zsky2 August 02, 2005
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When a guy drinks to much and starts showing his wiener and using obscene language
My boyfriend did a Borg yesterday, he drank way too much, it was sooooo embarrassing!
by Dominica P August 07, 2017
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The word borg is derived from Sydney, Australian, Eastern Surburbs slang. Its origin dates back to 2011 and the word borg can be seen tattooed on dedicated borgs and across social media networks.

A borg is a male or in some cases, female who specialises in creating and distributing exquisite banter, dance ability and silencio discotech skill. Often found in festivals across the US and Europe. The native home of the borg is the East Coast of Australia, but it is possible to find borgs globally. Though most borgs are young (early to mid twenties);age is not a defining characteristic and you will find both young borgs and old borgs. Some special skills of borgs include, but are not limited to the following:

- Pinger Pong
- Strong knowledge of Jamie Jones
- Ability to function without sleep for an extended period
- Meditation skill
- Newtworking skills, ability to quickly assimilate other potential borgs into the group
- Is affected - at some stage, in one way or another
- Ability to develop otherwsie desolate space into welcoming head quarters, know as 'borg cities'
To be a borg, you must become the borg.
by Borg City August 01, 2012
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