An emotional condition suffered mostly by American teens with too much spare time and little or no imagination or motivation.Most surprisingly,boredom is reported by those with the most privilege and the most options for utilization of idle time.Boredom is not usually documented in third world countries because boredom is replaced by hunger.
The psychologist said the only thing wrong with my daughter is boredom.
by wolfbait51 April 12, 2011
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Something that makes you do stupid things and then pay for it for the rest of your life.
by Cracker August 27, 2003
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The first step on the road to relapse.
"I'm fuckin' bored, man! And boredom's the first step on the road to relapse..." -Jay in clerks 2
by DavidV January 14, 2008
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A state of mind which results in posting excessive amounts of definitions on Urban Dictionary
Goddamn, I wallow in boredom. I know - let's post s'more on UD.com
by Katy June 30, 2004
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Boredom is a disease that is wide spread and if handled incorrectly, can lead to death. If you suffer from boredom, please consult a friend for help.

Boredom originated before the days of christ. In Fact, there was a 13th disiple named boredom. His rightings were later taken out of the bible because of Jesus' extreme distrust for this man. While disiples such as Chuck Norris gave Jesus the gift of beard, Boredom gave Jesus the gift of... well, Boredom. As a side affect of Jesus' miricles, Boredom spread through the world. In greek mythology, Boredom came from Pandora's Box.

Boredom became popular in early 1900 America when ball-in-a-cup got old and the yoyo was invented. There are many ways to get rid of boredom temperarily but it will definitly return at some point. One way is to look up definitions on this site which is probably why you found this. Others include playing catch, drinking, smokeing, ding dong ditching homes, playing sports, and if worst comes to worst, watching the O'Rielly Facter.

In many Boredom related deaths, people were reduced to acts of aggression such as cutting themselves (see emo) and skate bording (other wise known as punk behavior). These victims of boredom probably were reduced to this level when there PS2 or Xbox 360 was sent in for repairs and all the O'Rielly Facters on Youtube were repeats.

Let me warn you again, if you experience even the slightest hint of boredom, go online and IM a friend for funny conversations in the past, pictures they have taken, or just a good story (possibly one that goes along with the picture).

John: I think I'm suffering from boredom, I think I'm going to go skate bord.

Stacy: NO, DUNT DO IT. How about you just come over to my house and we talk this case of boredom through.

John: Thank you Stacy, you may have just saved my life.
by ipwnn00bs24 August 24, 2006
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the all consumeing state of mind the devours students in the back of algebra class and turns them into screaming lunatics
1"hey did you hear about kevin the totally freaked out in algebra"
2"ya the doctors said he got really bored during the lecture on quadratic equasions"
by Colte July 31, 2004
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The reason why 4chan exists. The reason why people fall in love with internet fads
Do you think that anyone sane of mind would like a black faced guy with big red lips shooting a lazor from his mouth? Also why someone not affected by serious boredom would find funny a poorly painted brown bear that somebody had pretended that it had to be a pedophile?
by XxLorDxX January 30, 2011
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