The sexiest girl known to man kind. She’s always hot and fucking cool. She’s everyone’s idol and is usually blonde. If you know a shannon you might the luckiest person on earth. Shes the perfect wife and the most beautiful and talented girl i know. I love Shannon Borde
eg: YO she’s cool asf that must be Shannon Borde
by yourmomishot911 October 28, 2021
im bord means u are probly in class and srounded by people that are anoying
me-``im bord``
me-``IM BORD``!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
the most offensive wod in the english language! a word you dare not say. if said you should be immediatly slapped or punched in the face. once someone says this to you no other words need be spoken doe-bord says it all.
"shut that women up she is such a Doe-bord"
"i can't believe that doe-bord asked for my number"
" lil wayne fuckin doe-bord
by Mo-mo1128 June 14, 2011
A person who you date just for sex.

(It is in Lingala, one of the languages talked in DRC).
..: Look at her. She is my bord ezanga kombo.
by November 17, 2020
This action is usally performed after a long period of rain. This is when a person on a knee bord is dragged by a 4 x4 vehicle... most likely a 4 wheeler.
After all dis dong gon rain we's shoulds get out the 4 wheeler scooter n go knees bordin
by Big Sep June 17, 2005
That "bordet" is so beutiful!

This "bord" is boring.

by Aswedishguy December 2, 2019