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Yiddishism: cheap, poorly made junk. Originally referred to furniture; now, any overpriced junk. Crap.
'Oh my gawd! They're asking $69.95 for this borax?!'
by steviedee July 17, 2006
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A simpleton faggot or douchelord. One who goes to the corner of their room, ejaculates on the carpet, and lets it dry. The lowest of low, peasant like. Often used as a adjective or noun.

Joe: God did you hear about Jake? He is such a borax!

Henry: I fucking know, his carpet is so shaggy and crusty.

Jake: No! It's okay guys, my mom licks it up!

fag douche lord carpet dumpster pregnant man
by Gg_no_re November 07, 2013
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"I am the borax! I speak for the chemical companies! And the chemical companies say they can poison whomever they want."
by JessacornApple250 May 20, 2018
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