Abbreviation for the cult indie horror game "Five Nights at Freddy's". It's often referred to in its abbreviated form by members of the fandom wanting to discuss theories about the game's plot, knowing that other fans will know what they mean by using the abbreviation. The sequels to the game can also be abbreviated to "FNAF2", "FNAF3", "FNAF4" and "FNAFSL" for Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.
"You played FNAF? I heard it's the scariest horror game released in years!"
by factcurate May 31, 2020
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Five Nights at Freddy's (aka. FNAF) is a game created by Scott Cawthon. The game takes place in a fictional pizza palace, and you act as a night guard keeping murderous animatronics out of your office.
Wife: Honey, get off that FNAF game and help me unpack our stuff.
Husband: wait Bonnie's trying to kill me
by The7Guy July 22, 2020
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A very detailed and well thought out video game created by Scott Cawthon with lots of lore and secrets.
FNAF is an acronym for Five Nights At Freddy's the game's name. The player has to survive 5 nights and 2 bonus nights at a haunted chuck e cheese like restaurant. For some weird reason people hate its fandom, and say its games are overated, but those people have the IQ of 2 like Jake Paul. Also the game has a lot of sequels.
Son: What was the best video game of 2014-2015.
Dad: FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's)
by LazyCat619 August 1, 2018
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Basically a horror game trying to survive 5 nights as a nightguard, just closing doors and checking the cameras. The 4

animatonics are Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and including Golden Freddy. These animatronics are possessed by kids that Purple Guy, AKA William Afton, killed. And there is more fnaf game series, like Sister Location, Security Breach, and there is also the fnaf book series like Into The Pit, etc. And even more animatronics are created! And also, the Afton Family died from accidents. The members of the Afton Family are William Afton of course, Clara, even tho she is not confirmed, and the 3 siblings are Micheal, Elizabeth, and Chris/CC/Evan/Norman. The reason why I putted alot of those names for CC is because his name isnt confirmed, so therefore people can name him however they want. So, if you like animals and horror games, then this game is for you. Buttttt one problem, they cost money sadly, so make sure to ask your parents for permission to get the app. And also, jumpscares are included, so if you dont like jumpscares thsn just dont play. Can be played on VR, mobile, IOS, and Xbox (I think) and And I dont know what to put more here, so I hope this helped what fnaf is and makes sense O>O
by GalaxiaWXLF May 19, 2021
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An abbreviation of the game five nights at freddys, which is either really, really, fun, or plain boring
' dude, did you play FNAF yet?'
'That game? it sucked''
''Its the best'
by ADarkFluffyUnicorn March 7, 2015
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1. A point-and-click horror game by Scott Cawthon. Lots of people hate it because they for some reason think the entire game is horrible because of parts of the fandom. Many people hate it for ships, and some of them are actually quite...horrible, though it's not the entire fandom. No, not everyone is a 5-year-old who loves fortnite, minecraft, roblox and FNAF who thinks Chica is sexy or a 12-year-old BTS fangirl who wants to do it with a fox. It has a big timeline to it and many games that build it up. I'm listening to FNAF songs as I write this XD

2. Not dead.
1. Me: FNAF is such a great game!
Some random guy: EEEW FOXY FANGIRL
Me: Foxy isn't even my favourite FNAF 1 character never mind my crush

Some other random guy: Yeah not everyone is a messed-up fangirl / fanboy
Me: Exactly.

2. Me: FNAF is not dead.
The annoying kind of fortniter: ONLY FORTNITE MATTERS EEEEW
Me: I respect your opinion but DUDE FORTNITE WANTS ALL YOUR MONEY
by Cleo is starry April 24, 2019
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