rico sed he wuldnt mind havin booty sex. ugh
by MIKE OKK September 16, 2006
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We’re you stick the pee pee in the booty hole.
Jim:hey, what’d you do last night?
Bob:I had booty sex.
by I hate myself broski April 10, 2020
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A general move of the ass by clapping forth or colliding with another's booty cheeks.
I had nice Booty Sex with Latisha last night.
by OwO.Cancer.Lucca March 11, 2017
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nigga booty sex is whatever you want it to be. it’s a form of sex with your favourite niggas. you don’t have to be gay or black but, if you are that’s fine too. the best form of nigga booty sex is performed with your main niggas. if they ain’t down they aren’t your niggas. when you ask someone if they wanna have nigga booty sex it’s not really a question, it’s a statement.
“hey nigga, wanna go have some nigga booty sex ?”
by kathy gran$ta June 21, 2019
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