One who attempts to pick their nose secretly and doesn't know that someone can see them. And then they eat it.
"OMG BRO! I just saw Russ pulling a boogeyman! He gobbled that think up like."
by Destructive Fruit March 5, 2009
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When you try to get up from a long day in a sitting position, and your legs give-way, resulting in you needing medical care.

Usually derived from gamers of FPS's and MMORPG's
"Hey jay had a boogeyman lastnight after playing 10 hours straight of WoW"

"Man i had to work overtime this weekend and i nearly had a boogeyman"
by C. Balaban December 3, 2007
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To avoid embarrassment in anticipation of premature ejaculation; pull your girl to the foot of the bed, kneel on the floor to perform oral sex while simultaneously AND secretly blowing your load under the bed. Continue oral until erection returns then resume intercourse and perform like a champ.
It was Lou's first time with Susie. He was in the midst of drilling when he felt like he was going to nut too soon. He knew Shooting the Boogeyman was his only way to get a second date.
by CL Quick Fart February 18, 2011
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Unexpectedly showing one's dick print to an unaware participant.
As Sarah was begining to fall asleep, little bill gave her a bulging boogeyman
by Ass Mechanic October 11, 2019
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A wonderous place in the south pacific that has many boogeymonsters and little boys for them to molest and possibly eat them after the molesting.
The boogeymonster molested victor at boogeyman island, but did not eat him. This was not the first time this happened.
by boogeymonster5000 July 13, 2009
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A mythical creature, a creation of the neocon war party and its lapdog media, which appears on grainy videos every few months to frighten the public into submission to their neocon overlords and into support of illegal wars in the Middle East.
Oh, look! Bin Boogeyman is threatening more attacks against innocent civilians. I need to get more plastic flags to fly from my SUV to show support for this never ending war.
by Kopernikus August 6, 2010
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The act of doing the Boogeyman is having someone hide under the bed while his friend gets his freak on with a chick on top of the bed. The person under the bed is considered "Boogeyman" and he must not be seen or caught by the unexpected victim(being the girl), but he is allowed to cop a feel if felt necessary while under the bed.

Jesse, "Damn son, I was just doin Da Boogeyman for like an hour while Jimmy was doin his thang like a damn champ..."
by Troy Coomer October 24, 2007
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