A chocolatey cartoon you must stay up all night to watch. Has a transexual grandmother.
"whats up with you little bill"
by Christine June 14, 2004
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A little boy with a perverted mind. He likes to stare.
"What are youlooking at Little Bill?"
by Little Bill September 24, 2003
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Annoying advert for Sainsburys, reciept dancing around like a twat
"little bill, little billlllll, little tiny bill"
by AlexGee May 19, 2007
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Little Bill is a tiny little dude with a big mouth and big hands. If you run into a Little Bill you better get your butt out of there before he starts slapping you. Little Bill can be trained with lots of effort. Little Bill is such a big pain.
Donald:Yo is that a Little Bill??
Little Bill: Hehe *slap*
by BULLIN’ BOMM April 27, 2019
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