ebonic for an unplanned pregnancy.
Homboy: "that's my kid, my little boobop."
Shawtty:"I don't need no boobops soon. You feel me?"

Shawtty: "Where my boobop check?"
Homboy: "That ain't my boobop bitch."
Shawtty: "I'm callin Maury."
by oj smokes crack July 03, 2008
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A person of interest before being in a serious relationship; such as a girlfriend or boyfriend before the relationship turns very serious.
Since Jason and Flora are just boo boping for now, I still have a chance with him.
by Magdizzle December 06, 2010
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noun; a boo-bop is when 2-10 (usually 5 or 6) guys all take turns punching a guy in the face until he eventually gets knocked out, and generally to get beat up.
Inmate#1: "Hey did you hear? Humphrey didn't pay the debt he owed with his full lunch, so they're gonna boo-bop him."
Inmate#2: "I thought they already did, no?"
by slimeychris May 31, 2018
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