1. bottom 2. butt 3 ass 4. soft fleshy part to the body that when you sit on it you can ride a joy stick like a jokey
5. part of the body you use to sit on and ride a horse 6. booty
you must have a soda and shake your bond.
by Robert Gradin May 24, 2007
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As in a wife that is on a 007 mission to spend all the mans money.
Man: "Bond, I cant afford my dinner for work"
Wife: "I've only ordered loads of random sh*t from the internet what we don't need, didn't cost much.."
Man: "Our life savings are gone.."
by Tupmaker January 09, 2018
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(noun)A person who is a master in multiple fields of online games; (adj)To be masterful in multiple online games; (noun) A person who is masterful enough that it makes other jealous and paranoid during games; (verb) to play so masterfully in a game that it makes other people jealous and paranoid when playing with you.
(1)Joe: Man if Jovi got any better I wouldn't even bother anymore.
Phil: He's masterful at almost every online game.
Matt: No kidding.
John: Jovan! Stop becoming Bond!

(2)Joe: Oh I hate you.
Matt: I never know where he is, and then...blam!
Phil: He makes me jealous and paranoid when I play with him.
Joe: Do you know why?
Phil: No.
Matt: Because he is Bond...
by Nicholas D. Wolfwood April 25, 2004
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A super sly ninja guy who wears camoflauge gloves and loves to eat double stuffed E.L. Fudge wafers
while slam baggin his pet pig
I saw Bond in the Utility Closet playing with the vacuum cleaner hose, but i couldn't see his ninja hands.
by Dede's Kid October 22, 2003
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When four couples all make out in a room together it is considered a bond.
Let’s have a bond tonight with the boys from California.
by faith.finy October 18, 2019
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