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A kind of boner that even the straightest straight man gets when he sees amazingly handsome White Collar actor Matt Bomer.
Matt Bomer gives me a bomer.

I once briefly shook Matt Bomer's hand. I was later able to chop down a tree with my bomer.

The Republicans in Congress finally voted to legalize gay marriage when they saw a picture of Matt Bomer, and got bomers themselves. No, that's not true. They made gay marriage MANDATORY.

A little-known secret is that the Washington Monument is actually just a huge bomer. Yup, that's how much America loves Matt Bomer.

Frustrated with the progress of peace talks, President Obama showed the leaders of Palestine and Israel an episode of White Collar. The leaders then cried and embraced one another, and signed a peace treaty. It is physically impossible to fight when you have a bomer. Matt Bomer then receives the Nobel Peace Prize, but turns it down because he is so modest, thus giving everyone in the world another bomer.
by Parsa J. October 01, 2013
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Bomer (BOH-mer) Noun, Verb (Bomered, Bomering)
Bomer is the dark reflection of Homer Simpson. Whereas Homer is an excitable, simple-minded, happy-go-lucky character, Bomer is a morose, tragic individual, trapped forever in an endless cycle of self-hate and hard drug abuse. In his heroine-educed stupors, he often imagines his body twisting and deforming into inhuman, often monstrous shapes. His only escape is into his art. His deep, emotional self-portraits have been regarded as some of the greatest art of our generation. His unique, ever fluctuating style has attracted many imitators. His tragic visage has become an icon to the art world, and is used as a symbol of the artistic revolution.
I'm so inspired by Bomer, I spent all day drawing Bomers all over my physics homework.
by randalrapistmcgee April 07, 2011
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proper n. One of the most gifted punk rock musicians ever.
"Whatever happened to Bomer?"
"That dude's dead, man."
"No way, I saw him, like, 3 months ago."
by shish September 01, 2004
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A stage between an erection, and a flacid penis.
Dude i have a boner. i need to get rid of it

think of a fat chick

its going away. now i have like, a bomer.
by mwahahahahahahahahahahh July 11, 2009
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A extra large boner, specifically one so large, your pants explode.
by ClintCameron June 15, 2016
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