5 definitions by ClintCameron

A Person who is cooler than all around him. One who simply is better than all others. Lord of the fags.
Cameron Gaylord, oh how we worship you!!!
by ClintCameron May 17, 2016
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A person who is a big lad - someone who you don't cut in front of in the maccas line (Other variations include small unit, and medium unit).
Oi nah, Josh Hand aint no large unit.
by ClintCameron November 19, 2017
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A bad, terrible person. One who knows nothing about maths and science.
by ClintCameron May 17, 2016
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A extra large boner, specifically one so large, your pants explode.
by ClintCameron June 15, 2016
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The cooler way to say hello. Can be used in conjunction with a Russian accent.
'Ello. How are u?
by ClintCameron May 17, 2016
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