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Last name of Englands beheaded Queen Anne Boleyn. The second wife of Henry the 8th.
1. A nonfrench woman or man obsessed with french style and culture.
2. A black eyed brunette with olive skintone.
3. Pearl jewelry
4. vain
5. love of the arts
6. Have a beauty mark particularly on the neck.
7. have a deformed moles and extra fingers
8. cut off innocent womans head
9. Witch or a woman who can cast love spells on men.

all of the listings are attributes associated with anne boleyn an english girl who would become queen. While it is debatable that she actually had a sixth finger and grotesque moles all over her body, these are two very popular notions of her.
1. Jayne wants to go to France. She's even developing a french accent. What a Boleyn.
2. Keira Knightleys coloring is very Boleyn.
3. That pearl necklace is very boleyn
4. She walks with her nose in the air, yet another boleyn.
5. The art gallery was full of various Boleyns.
6. She covers her boleyn with a stylish choker necklace.
7. The baby was born a boleyn. 11 fingers and 12 toes.
8. None of the accusations hold any standing, we'll still boleyn the bitch.
9. Jim lost all his senses over some boleyn!
by mori10 February 16, 2008
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