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\'boy:t-ch\ noun

A "boitch" is the male equivalent of a bitch. Usually this species of male tend to complain excessively about the most mundane matters and prefer not to be relied upon in any situation.

In simple terms, biotches are whiny little man-whores that don't do no one no favors.
Dude 1: Bitch got a penis!
Dude 2: Actually, that's a boitch.
by raichupal5 January 11, 2013
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A word usually used by people who took too much a dosage on their medication and think the word is hilarious.
"Soonnnn offfff a bboitch. Hahaha... *snore*"
by Fishthesis July 28, 2018
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Incels who call women wamen.
Stacy, your brother is kind of cute and he's cool when he hangs out with us, but he acts like a total dick when he's out with his crew of boitches.
by JannRickles June 09, 2018
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A dumbass fat slub of joe, who thinks they are funny
Parker "Why did the chicken cross the road"
Steve "Why"
Parker "To get to the other side"
Steve " Stfu you dumb boitch"
by stevsteve jobs March 23, 2017
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a "mermaid" substitue for bitch. Much inspired from the movie Titanic II, this word has found it's way into the mouths of every wanna be mermaid and merman.
What the f*ck's wrong with ya boitch?!?
by grosmongol June 09, 2010
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a gay cowboy who likes to stick his finger in people's heifers
After moving to Texas, all the damn boitches in the neighborhood kept going after my cattle.
by Meghan and Jenny March 21, 2003
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