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Bundoora is a nice quiet suburb where people like to mind their own business and do their own thing. Bundoora has a large variety of things for your needs some include both public and private schools, shoppng centres for all your essentials, restaurants/fast food for all your hunger (personally i recommend bundoora square kebabs), 2 Large Golf Courses, 1 massive park, many smaller parks, plenty of football/soccer ovals, public transport to virtually anywhere, Places to have a night out, eg Bar8, Bundoora Hotel.
Bundoora also consists of a dangerous group of young men ranging from the ages of 16-29 who are un-officially called the Bundoora Boys, meaning they do their own thing but they own Bundoora's streets. These young men have proven to be heavily armed and dangerous and will not hesitate when provoked. Good luck and may god be on your side if you get on these boys bad side...
A good explanation of Bundoora has been made in a summary through song:
Try take our breath? Weel be dealing death, wanna try me? you gunna d.i.e And that aint a l.i.e coz im from bundy the strate up 3083, you can't see what i see, but see thats all me, so try your best, but iv got my vest. And my gun, sheiiiit its time to have some fun. Take all you mofuckas out if you fuck arund, if i dnt shoot u il drop u to the ground, ye bitch ufc styles ground impound, and its all bound. To happen but its your choice, you start it i finish it thats the game, everyday is the fucking same, smoking blunts getting high, it keep me sane, now i know only i can stop the tain, so have a think before you fuck with me, cos i be rolling with the 83, B.U.N... DY. But thats just me...
by GreekPrideWorldWideRepping3083 October 17, 2010
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