when u have a lot of shit going through your head (Levi)
Levi boggled my mind when he wouldn't stop trippin.
by Stephani & Tristan July 26, 2004
A form of tea-bagging where you set your testicles on the bridge of someone's nose so they fall into the eye sockets. A set of ball-goggles = boggles.
I totally boggled you when you were passed out. Boggles the mind
by PJT Cyclone February 14, 2014
Boggling is the seemingly dyslexic result of an attempt at blogging. Generally speaking it is a blog which is: poorly thought out, devoid of critical thought, replete with grammatical errors and absent any meaningful, referenced facts.
Person 1: I just read what I thought might be an interesting blog, but boy was I wrong.

Person 2: What was wrong with it?

Person 1: Well, the topic was confusing at best, and the facts didn't support what little was understandable, and the conclusion had zero to do with the facts or the topic. To top it off, it read like it was written by someone on their phone riding down a gravel road. The level of stupidity was mind boggling.

Person 2: Ah, then I suppose the author was boggling instead of blogging.
by Tannasgh June 29, 2016
Very Stoned. Stage before, Bonoggled.

Stages in this series:
I am Boggled with a captial seven...
by Hannah R May 28, 2005
When your eyes bug out, your face crunches up all funny looking and you're like what the fucking hell?!?!
"Oh my god! I just saw a monkey own some guy in Natural-Selection with a knife!" - SomeRandomGuy

*boggle* - Abix
by Abix December 10, 2003
The act of placing a man's ball sack over someones eyes.
While she slept, I joyously gave her a warm, fuzzy pair of boggles.
by Boggle Master January 2, 2009
To defecate into another persons anus.
You like to boggle men; meaning you like to defecate into men's anus's.

You enjoy boggling; means you enjoy shitting into people's asses.
by James JW July 1, 2011