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Britsh Army slang - To move away from your current location very qucickly (often under fire) becasue your position has been compromised by the enemy.
The enemy attacked our observation post s be had to bug out
by slangman February 19, 2004
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an act of freaking out over usually nothing; overreacting
"Dude he just started to bug out over the guy who glanced at his girl"
by Jessica January 14, 2004
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while someones high, something happens that makes them nervous
dude his dad came home right after he smoked, and he started to bug out.
by Vick668 March 12, 2006
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To get out of an unsafe area
Some times associated with zombie apocalypse
Dude grab your bag we have to bug out of the city there is a shooter on the loose
by Duckman.exe December 26, 2015
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was used in the early 1940's meaning to leave, to go,to travel somewhere
I'm going to bug out to the drive in. why don't you bug out an leave me alone!!
by south pac flash June 05, 2009
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(Noun) bug out, Slang. to flee in panic; show panic or alarm .Someone or something that is feeling nervouse , paranoied, or inattentive,usually freaking out for no reason, overly dramatic or over exaguarting
(Verb)Someone or something that is doing that act of freaking out , acting upon paranoia.
Originated from the word Bug (noun)any insect or insectlike invertebrate,referring to the way an insect would appear,or act in movement, vibrations, indicating nervousness or Panic.
Man:Hey Whats up ?
Women: What do you mean by that, Are you trying to make fun of me, yes thats what your doing , your so mean , What have i ever done to you ?
Man: Holy shit, What a bug out, Why you Buggin i just said Whats up ? You have to chill, Your sucha a Bug out !!
Man: You Buggin!
by Vicky Azrak December 17, 2007
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1. Any and all stimuli that could negatively affect the homeostatic balance of the human body in any way, such as a stressful situation, or possible threat, even a moderate change in temperature.

2. Something that is so highly profound and/or great in magnitude that you can fixate on it.

3. To abstain or leave a particular situation that is undesirable or perhaps even detrimental
The crack dealer heard the siren of the police car and called to his boys saying "yo man the cops are the biggest bugout!"

Thoroughly disinterested with the activities of his friends, Micky decided he would just bugout and go home.

Midi-chlorians are the biggest bugout, therefore the force is the biggest bugout.
by AcidPrax June 22, 2012
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