an act of freaking out over usually nothing; overreacting
"Dude he just started to bug out over the guy who glanced at his girl"
by Jessica January 14, 2004
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Britsh Army slang - To move away from your current location very qucickly (often under fire) becasue your position has been compromised by the enemy.
The enemy attacked our observation post s be had to bug out
by slangman February 19, 2004
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while someones high, something happens that makes them nervous
dude his dad came home right after he smoked, and he started to bug out.
by Vick668 March 12, 2006
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was used in the early 1940's meaning to leave, to go,to travel somewhere
I'm going to bug out to the drive in. why don't you bug out an leave me alone!!
by south pac flash June 6, 2009
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"Are you going out tonight?"

"Naw, I'm just gonna bug out with my boys"
by Victor January 7, 2005
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when you get extremely angry and your eyes bulge out
This lady was being a dick and wouldnt let him pull into her lane, his eyes just started to bug out and he caught up with her and scared the crap outta her.
by JClark November 13, 2005
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A word that pretentious monkwank Judge Jules uses to describe a night of heavy clubbing characterised by pumping, uplifting beats and much narcotising. As it were.
Can be a verb or an adj. But the adj. must be hyphenated.
"That was a fuck of a bug-out tune"
"That DJ bugged"
by anycon October 16, 2003
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