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When you ask for a gypsy half you are asking for a quarter of a cigarette, usually just past the letters.
Skint Man "Heya can I have half of that."

Man with cigarette "No wai"

Skint Man "Okay how bout a gypsy half"

Man with cigartee "Knock yourself out"
by Ricky-Acid October 28, 2007
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A skater who tends to wear baggier clothes and chains. Often seen with a beanie and cut off jeans. Mainly listen to skater-punk and softer metal.

The term bogger comes from chavs saying that the chains that hang off them make them look like a toilet chain. and therefore a bog-chain.
Mosher: "I like metal, so i will wear alot of it amongst my clothes, for instance chains and heavy belts."

Skater: "I listn to a wide range of music and need to be able to skate freely, cut offs and skate shoes are best for me"

Bogger: "Im into rap metal and want to associate with that scene, but need to be able to skate well. Hang on a sec this might just work"
by Ricky-Acid October 27, 2007
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A slang term to describe being stoned. Used in areas where youre not meant to be you can say your minted and only some people will know what youre talking about. Alongside this the word mints is used as slang for weed.

Example 1

Man 1 "Yo im fucking minted"

Man 2 "yeah man thats some good shits"

Example 2

Man 1 "Hey when can you get those mints"

Man 2 "I think the shops run out"
by Ricky-Acid October 28, 2007
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