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Literally, bother. Jamaican-English in origin. Used as a slang for "bother". Not a common Jamaican word!
Mike says: "Wogawaan in de hous blud, how's suckin dick goin for yuh?"
Deshawn repies with: " Mon dat shit still bodda yuh"

Mike: What's going on over there, how's being gay going?
Deshawn: Man, does that still bother you?
by VizKid August 22, 2007
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BODDA is a Bangladeshi regional word defines as brother or bro used in Chittagong Devision .
Example : Hello BODDA! Where are you going?
-Hey Bodda! I am just walking around here, What about you?
- I'm getting some fresh air, too.
by Armaaaaaaan May 07, 2018
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