When you have a cereal party and trade different kinds of cereal with your friends
Hey bro, I can give you some Frosted Flakes when we bowl up tonight if you give me Cinnamon Toast Crunch
by Idahoforevah February 23, 2020
To get all of your friends together and eat cereal. Everyone brings their favourite cereal, a bowl and the milk of their choice and everyone has a fun cereal potluck party.
Sara: Are you down to bowl up this weekend?
Charlotte: Hell yeah I love lucky charms
by cereal_lover February 23, 2020
(verb) To smoke weed; To pack a bowl into a pipe or bong.
"Hey bruh, you down to Bowl Up or what?"
by HieronymousBotch November 20, 2015
An area of the United States usually in the southern states where very few people have access to high-speed internet, their only option often being slow ass dial-up.
No online gaming.
Overnight downloads.
No online gaming.
30-minute Wikipedia page wait.
No online gaming.

...It sucks livin' in the Dial-up Bowl...
by Blake C. July 11, 2008