When you're doing a girl on the top of the stairs from behind and you randomly grab her arms and put them behind her back and ride her down the stairs.
Felica broke her jaw because I gave her the bobsled last night
by Greg August 23, 2003
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(v.) when your life is careening out of control in the same way you would be if you tried to bobsled down your icy driveway. usually caused by the behavior of either the opposite sex, or yourself when drunk.
1: how did the talk go with that guy whose been making your life hell lately?
2: i'm in complete bobsled territory.
by luc and ribs December 11, 2006
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A sex position when a woman slides on ice and flies into a dick
Hey, I just pulled the Bobsled on Jessica.
by Ross_14985 February 13, 2018
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When you're giving a girl anal, punch her in the back of her head to knock her out, then ride her down the stairs.
Dude, I fuckin' bobsledded the SHIT out of that bitch.
by OC99 May 31, 2009
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The act of grabbing your partners legs with the intent of engaging in sex and sliding her between your legs, launching her clear off the bed until she is stopped, usually, by furniture. Normally requires the woman and the bed to be covered in silk or satin. Automatically becomes a Jamaican Bobsled if her head moves side to side and strikes your testicles and she slides through.
Jake gave Diana a bobsled last night and she almost dislocated her hip when she hit the dresser.
by King Dick and Crow Empress January 26, 2009
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A sexual maneuver: one person lays face down with butt cheeks spread. The other with a well lubed shaft, slides said shaft between the cheeks careful to not insert into the butt hole. This is similar to a bobsled going down an ice shoot. Automatically turns into a Jamaican Bobsled if the two individuals smoked marijuana before attempting the act.
"Gonna put some banana nut muffins on your toes, and bobsled across that ass."
by Siriusly_Ensayne March 14, 2018
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shitting in a tube sock and freezing it by putting it in the snow, then proceeding to smack someone stone cold in the face with it.
I'm so glad we got hit with a blizzard...now Max can get the most painful dirty bobsled in the history of sock-shitting.
by mr. voldemort December 30, 2011
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