two girls that have been best friends for years and are as close as a pair of boobs.
'here come the bobes. together as always!'
'oh no, not the bobes'
by cloganjena September 26, 2009
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Bobe- (n)- a person who lacks a brain; (adj) describing a person who is beneath a mentally incapacitated individual; waste of space
Dude, Zach is such a bobe dude. he never throws down for weed and is fucking annoyoying. he's such a fucking bobe
by maxoid5 November 28, 2012
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Reference to fellatio, wherein the servicer moves hands in opposite (clockwise and counter-clockwise) twisting fashion.
Her technique of fellatio was great, as she gave him a Bobes.
by ctar May 06, 2015
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"Man, I had to pull a Stamos slap last night on this hot ho who was giving me the bobe."

"This girl's all over my nuts, she doesn't stop trying to bobe me up!"
by Jack Sophalot May 04, 2005
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