A BOB is a Black Out Bitch; someone who is really drunk. Along the same lines, one is "bobbin'" when they're black out and doing stupid shit.
That guy just did a 50 second keg stand. He gon' be bobbin'!
by Imbobbin April 07, 2011
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1. a. hardcore PC brain fart
b. Microsoft Windows breakdown overkill.
c.going ape shit on a computer.
What did you do to your computer? Sorry, I was bobbin'.
by Nick Kent 2.0 February 08, 2007
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The Act of Tapping the end of your penis on a chin of your partner!
"yea so.... last nite this lass gave me head and when i finished i kept Bobbin' it on her chin"
by Flithy Lex May 19, 2009
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A stout with a particularly pointer side to them.
A long with a surprisingly rounder side to them.
Daddy Xia caressed her bobbin body.
via giphy
by QuangMyFem February 21, 2019
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