Verb: Bobbin': To be excessively drunk beyond what is necessary to enjoy yourself. A person who is bobbin' may experience loss of memory, severe slurring of words, and make extremely poor decisions sexually.

Noun: Bob: A Blacked-out-Bitch
A girl stumbles out of a bar and turns to walk down the sidewalk. She is so drunk that she walks straight into a man

Man: Whoa. there. Are you bobbin'?
Women: ahjkEIUFN3883!#@$&*!
(She projectile vomits in the man's face)
Man: Yup, she's bobbin'.
by AEKDBobbin' April 23, 2011
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An expression which describes the poor remedial fix of an object/item.

It can also be a reference to a vital part of the anatomy.
"Hey Trigger, that twirly wirly bar you taped together has been returned by a customer. They said it was bobbins"

"oi, I braked too hard and I slipped off my seat smashing up me bobbins!"
by Vindows Wertex October 06, 2006
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1.To have hair that looks as though it has been cut using an upturned bowl.A good example of a bobbin hairstyle would be that of woolaston.
2.Having jocks land on your head in a barette style by the action of a ceiling fan in full motion whilst engaged in the bobbin game.
1."that lady has bobbin hair"
2. we were playing the bobbin game and i won by 3 bobbins
by umbie March 22, 2004
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"I told him not to fuck with Harry, but now he gots dah bobbins"

" Man don't fuck with LaRonda man, you'll get the bobbins"
by Conor November 07, 2004
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I saw a nest of bobbins today - good thing they weren't close to a nest of beagles, or we would have witnessed the circle of life in action!
by supermintyfresh July 23, 2011
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A term usually assoicated with the female brest

FUCKME claire. look at the size of that jades bobbins!
by clairejadeaaron September 09, 2008
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A nickname for Robert.
Often given by parents then later used by girlfriends.
Lexy: I'll always love you Bobbins
Robert: Please don't call me that...
by mockingbirdlexy September 22, 2009
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