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Blow n Go....a service offered by working girls.
A quickie....blow job only.
Special service today. BnG only $50
by DenverGQ January 04, 2008
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bng (also called bunga or bungee) is a dutch Unreal Tournament instagib player. He is best known for being the best player on iTDM, iDOM and obviously in iCTF. He used to play in many clans, but we can note dvN (divisioN), which was certainly the best instagib clan.

His highest scores on some maps (like in DM-Stalwart) have never been beaten during all these years. His skills created a lot of hate and jealousy from the UT community towards him.

In 2012, the hate became too heavy and the skills level of the UT community was way too low. So he stopped Unreal Tournament and the gaming in general.
by NatlaIsa June 25, 2013
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BOLD NEW GRAPHICS, a term used on motorcycle forums to describe new paint and color schemes for bike models.
John- What does the new Yamaha R1 look like?
Kyle- They just tweaked the suspension and added BNG.
by DAY-V October 05, 2005
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The most Notorious Azn Gangs around.
I'm from BNG
by SW1FT September 17, 2003
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Blood 'n' Guts

Team Blood'n Guts - Established 23rd March 2004
Team Blood'n Guts plan to enter the 2nd season of the Game Arena Battlefield Vietnam Ladder. We will also enter the GA BF:2 ladder when it is launched. Many stores are accepting pre-orders for BF:2 now, so get your orders in guys and get ready to cause some carnage. Let's make this the year of Blood'n Guts.
by scott February 15, 2005
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