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Bluxed, adj.

(pron. blooxed (the oo pronounced like 'crooks')

The feeling of being lit, smashed, owned, or shaken to the core. This can be both a positive or negative thing.

Blux is also a verb, something you do - so you can blux someone else, while also being bluxed yourself.

Common interpretations of the original include blukkake'd, blukaku, bluxstaposed

Believed to have originated from the Hyde Park Crescent area of Leeds, UK. Historians have dated this back to 2010.
'After the 5th drink i was so bluxed i pee'd the bed'

'I got bluxed at FIFA bro, 10-0.'

'How was that exam Bretty? I heard it was hard?
-Yeah, it bluxed me.'
by Ballsackhre April 22, 2018
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