A word one uses to name something when all the other naming options are not good enough
Mom: "What should we name our son.. Andrew or John?"
Dad"Boring..... I don't like any of the names..! "
*Blux was born*
by Harambae72 March 31, 2021
Bluxed, adj.

(pron. blooxed (the oo pronounced like 'crooks')

The feeling of being lit, smashed, owned, or shaken to the core. This can be both a positive or negative thing.

Blux is also a verb, something you do - so you can blux someone else, while also being bluxed yourself.

Common interpretations of the original include blukkake'd, blukaku, bluxstaposed

Believed to have originated from the Hyde Park Crescent area of Leeds, UK. Historians have dated this back to 2010.
'After the 5th drink i was so bluxed i pee'd the bed'

'I got bluxed at FIFA bro, 10-0.'

'How was that exam Bretty? I heard it was hard?
-Yeah, it bluxed me.'
by Ballsackhre December 27, 2017
unfortunetly no one can be told what blux means. Its something you have to figure out for yourself.

Bluxed is the past tense version of blux.
by blux September 7, 2004
The Best GTA Online Crews 💙
Absolutely deems the competition.
BLUX also BLUXXED X-LZZZ-X and his fan crew.
Praise Fat Man aswell.
by Somethingnotgta November 25, 2020
A group of black supremacists. A satirical alternative for the kkk.
Hey Kenisha will you be at the bu blux blan meeting?

You know it girl!
by Capricorn thott June 7, 2021