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Kenisha's are very independent,loving,caring,sweetest and most all beautiful, they all find themselves caring for others even if it means putting their own happiness at risk, kenisha can be very dangerous individuals when you pissed them off, they are very hard working and level headed when it comes to achieving their goals. They are the greatest individuals to be friends with or to be in a relationship. Kenisha's do not often shows there feelings but their sarcastic and attitude levels are beyond the sky...... They are the most loveable and romantic girls you can ever meet. AND DONT EVEN LET ME MEANTION THEIR ATTITUDE AND FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ...
Kenisha is a very hardworking and outspoken girl/woman
by Punu May 10, 2018
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Adorable, nice, fun, chill, but can be mean if pissed off. will do anything to keep someone else happy even if that means ruining her happiness. DID I MEANTION HER ADDITUDE?
Kenisha is fabulous
by Canyousing April 11, 2016
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Cutii,Sweet,Funny, The whites half black girl ever. Gets mad quick. Can wope joe ass. Purr G. loves all her friends. great w/ animals
Kenisha gonna wope yo ass
by KCLS December 13, 2010
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