First meal of day eaten at lunchtime. As opposed to brunch which is eaten at 10 or 11, blunch is eaten at 12 or 1.
I wasn't hungry in the morning so I had blunch.
by solidgol April 18, 2012
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An action that occurs before, during, and after visiting Cracker Barrel restaurant.
Dude, I was so hungover I had to blunch everywhere this morning, then we had blunch at Cracker Barrel and I've had to blunch out my ass all afternoon.
by tbird06 April 23, 2008
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when you smoke a blunt on your lunch break instead of eating.
A::how was your lunch break??

B:: good had blunch with mistaa perry!!(:
by bubblepop(: March 8, 2011
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Having a Blunt with Lunch. A blunt is a hollowed out cigar filled with marijuana.
man, i ate so much at blunch but i was still hungry... for some reason...
by dylo72 August 14, 2009
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hey man im taken my 30 min blunch. Yea!!!!
by LPG January 13, 2006
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A Blunch is a "Surfer Dude" "Emo Kid" "Preppy Kid" or a "Skater Boy" that usually speaks with the stereotipical surfer talk.
Blunches usually have the long, shoulder length hair: Common hair color is blond, sometimes brown.
Blunches usually tend to think they are "HOT SHIT" ( Cool, Better than everyone else. )

A noun
Surfer kid : Hey bra

Normal Kid : Lets go to BLUNCH!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! <- How you would use it.
by David Gnzo October 19, 2006
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The act of punching your partner in the forehead in the event of accidental teeth scraping during a blowjob. AKA a blowjob punch.
That fine girl was giving me amazing head and all was well. That is until she cut me with her fangs so I had to blunch her good.
by blizroms December 23, 2010
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