A public toilet, so-named because of the color of its water, which has a blue hue due to the use of a disinfectant product which is released with every flush. (Also, coincidentally -- and appropriately, the title of a Brooke Shields movie.)
Gas Station Manager:

"Goddamit, Zeke. That last fat bastard who pulled in here left a big ol' stinkin' turd floatin' in the blue lagoon. Son-of-a-bitch won't flush. Now get in there and fish it out."

Gas Station Attendant:

"Fuck you. I quit."
by Robert T. Calhoun January 20, 2006
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an alcoholic drink consisting of 1.75 liters of UV Blue vodka and 2 liters of Mountain Dew.
Dude, we totally got fucked up last weekend on blue lagoon.
by I'm fucked up.... February 6, 2010
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While having sex standing doggystyle inside of a porta-potty, you pull out and put it in her ass, while simotaniously dunking her head in the blue poo water.
Umberto gave a girl the Blue Lagoon at the fair.
by Matt Ensminger June 16, 2008
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To commit incest. As in the example provided by the characters from the movie The Blue Lagoon.
Those kids from West Virginia are really into blue lagooning, their parents will be pissed.
by Benny the Red April 16, 2015
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A secret code name for when your on your menstrual cycle.
Friend: hey what's wrong?
Me: nothing just my blue lagoon
by Alyssago March 13, 2017
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When several people all stand in a circle or something, in a public pool (or any body of water) and urinate simultaneously.
Those drunk guys over there are doing a blue lagoon in Bradley's pool!
by Brendansh132213123 August 1, 2010
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When a woman sees a older mans erection and jumps on it, straddling his wheelchair. When the man starts choking, she hits the back of his head with a walking stick, thus ejaculating viagra from his mouth. She pisses in his lap, creating a blue lagoon.
Why's old Jim wet through? Oh, Maureen just gave him a Blue lagoon
by Angrier MacArtnee October 14, 2010
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